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About the only thing they hadn’t done was both take Taylor at the same time.

Selena had suggested it, but Taylor wasn’t nearly ready for that kind of thing.

Her arm was bent at the elbow with the palm of her hand supporting her head as she watched him take off his shirt. ” Dan asked her as he undid his belt and stepped out of his pants.

While Dan and Selena had sworn monogamy when they’d moved into their house, it had really only lasted a couple months.

Up until the house warming party where Dan and Selena had seduced her and turned into an orgy, Taylor hadn’t even been with a girl or even more than one person at a time before.

Taylor had made up for it a bit, spending quite a bit of time with Dianna Agron, experimenting with her new found lesbian cravings, but she was still mostly straight.

For Selena it was the perfect mix, but while she lusted after his body, it was his heart and personality that had always drawn her to him.

“Taylor’s coming over tomorrow night,” Selena announced.

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